Hugh Hefner Already Moved New Playmate into Bedroom?


Hugh Hefner has done what anyone would do after being jilted last week. You pick yourself up, you brush yourself off and you move on.  No wallowing in pity for this sprightly 85-year-old pensioner. No walking around the large Playboy mansion with his footsteps as his only accompaniment.

Hefner was a busy lad over what was to be his wedding weekend to ex fiancée Crystal Harris. First up, according to Twitter, he intended watching the movie Runaway Bride.

Next, help two former girlfriends, twins Karissa and Karina move back into the Playboy mansion.

Followed by the decision as to which playmate would become a permanent fixture in the bedroom. A replacement was required for those nights you want to play Dutch ovens, or stick your icy cold feet on someone’s butt.

Hef has moved on. His new ooh la la in the boudoir is Miss January 2011, Anna Sophia Berglund. She is the new blonde. According to TMZ,  in a total show of commitment, Berglund is installed in Hefner’s  bedroom and they call each other ‘Babe’.  Not in a ‘Babe,’ the movie about a pig style, one hopes!

Indeed at a recent movie showing at the Playboy mansion, the couple kissed and cuddled during the entire movie. As one source expressed: “It’s clear Hef has moved on to Anna.”

Ooh, I can just hear the hiss from the other bunnies over here.

Crystal who? Oh, the scandal!


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