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Howard Stern to Hold "Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant"

Continuing a career that capitalizes on other people's misery, but also knowing what the public wants, Howard Stern will hold the "Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant" on his satellite radio show. The winner will get $100,000.

When Stern first dreamed up the idea, he said he wouldn't do it unless three of Woods' alleged mistresses committed to it. Stern says he now has four. He won't reveal their identities just yet. But you can count out the woman called "mistress number 1." According to Stern's website, Rachel Uchitel wanted to take part, but can't:

Howard noted that Tiger Woods' main mistress, Rachel Uchitel, wanted to appear in the show's Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, but had to back out for legal reasons. (Show Producer) Gary (Dell'Abate) came in to explain: "I spoke to her yesterday. It was really funny because I had asked her to be in the contest...she said she couldn't be in the contest but she couldn't tell me why." Gary said Rachel wanted to send a cardboard cut-out/standee of herself instead, but Howard didn't think cardboard could compete with the other ladies.

The ladies will compete in such categories as swimsuit, talent, and personality to earn the judges' votes and the big cash prize, which is being supplied by, a dating website that encourages extra-marital affairs.

During his instantly infamous apology last week, Woods admitted having affairs, saying he thought the rules that applied to everyone else didn't apply to him. Stern wasn't impressed with Woods' performance, saying on his show that Woods "looked like he wanted to be anywhere on the planet but in that room. It didn’t seem like this was his idea, or anything he wanted to be a part of.”

Stern has extended an invitation to Woods' wife Elin Nordegren to be one of the pageant judges. So far she has not responded. Stern should probably not hold his breath for an answer.


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