Howard Stern on Divorce and Sex


Howard Stern covers the April, 2011 issue of Rolling Stone magazine where he opened up in a 3 hour interview about his divorce from first wife Alison Burns, empty sex during his single life and his wife the beautiful animal-loving (I heart her madly for that) wife model, author and activist Beth Ostrosky.

On his sex life after his first marriage broke up:

“After my divorce, I realized, “Oh, wow, I can go have sex.” And I was running around, picking up women. Then all of a sudden, it dawned on me that I really didn’t need that much sex. I just wanted somebody with me every minute. I was using women as a surrogate mother. When I tapped into that, it suddenly became very childish behavior. And really, was it so great fucking every night? They’re using me for my fame, I’m using them for their beauty, and the whole fucking thing seemed empty.”

Is that refreshing or what? Given how Howard Stern used to be (or I guess still is to an extent) on the air, one would have thought he would love the dirty sex with many women that being single (and a celebrity) can bring. I’m really very surprised and very impressed that Howard Stern admitted to Rolling Stone how empty that life was! Are you surprised?

Howard isn’t taking anything for granted in life. He tells Rolling Stone that he isn’t taking his marriage to Beth for granted:

“In many ways, my marriage now is so easy, but I’m also aware that I could fuck things up very easily. I could start getting more into my work, and ignoring what’s important to Beth. I’m awfully narcissistic, and I have to keep that in check. I can’t be like King Tut sitting there and expect to be taken care of, because so many times we can turn our wives into mothers.”

Without sounding like a female chauvinist pig (which I admit that I can very much be) it is amazing to me that he is so in touch with this stuff and is constantly aware that he can just let his marriage coast, that it needs work regularly.

Very impressive indeed! You can listen to him talk about Charlie Sheen, and sex on some audio at Rolling Stone Magazine.

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