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Russell Brand: How I Fell In Love With Katy Perry

Russell Brand’s latest book My Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal is out September 30 and he reveals how he came to fall in love with fiancee Katy Perry:

“You’ll think it frivolous of me to say I knew I’d marry her on that first date, but the truth is I fell in love with her when she hit me with that bottle. Like Cupid in a riot.”

Russell goes on to explain the incident:

“Thud. Ouch. The bottle hit me right on the head and, although it was plastic, it was half full, or half empty, depending on your perspective, and it hurt.

“‘Hey, Brand!’ she cockily cawed.

“‘Come on brain, let’s go’, I thought, but my brain wasn’t working properly, I think perhaps because of the bottle. Plus my stomach felt odd. Sort of sick.

“‘Got you on the head there, huh?’ she said. ‘Kind of an easy target, it’s big and you’ve got that ridiculous hair.’ “

He teased her back about being blind because she was wearing sunglasses indoors and that she should take them off. She responded with something to the effect of being afraid to take anything off in front of him for fear of getting herpes (not that he has it, but because of his womanizing ways).

Katy later put an Alexander McQueen bracelet on him and told him to keep it so it would remind him of her.  His response (and this is why I freaking love Russell Brand):

“Then, looking into her eyes, quietly I said: ‘I don’t need anything to remind me of you.’ That is how I fell in love.”

*SIGH* Is that romantic or what?

Katy had her bachelorette party this past weekend in Las Vegas, so you know their wedding is just around the corner. But I have to wonder if his book comes out September 30 and he does all the promo and stuff, will the wedding be before that or after that? They say they are getting married in the Fall, but this is September 21 already. Uggghhh, I wish I knew.


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