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Lindsay Lohan Repeatedly Lies to Judge

I feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan's lawyer. I really do. Yes, she took on the client, and yes, she is used to lying criminals, but rarely do her clients have their words published all over the world for anyone to read. In other words, the lying is contained, and no one really follows up. Of course, I don't really care about following up on Lindsay either, but it just hits you in the face like a punch from a drunk Snooki. I am sure many of you have read more about her court appearance yesterday than me, but didn't I hear that Lindsay didn't want to or couldn't wear the SCRAM because she had to start shooting Inferno in Texas next week?

Well, the producer of Inferno gave an interview to US Weekly and he said this: "The film shoots in the fall." So, Lindsay tells her lawyer that it starts next week in Texas, and then her lawyer gets up and repeats the lies to the judge. The judge then reads the tabloids, as all judges do, and catches the lie. Let's move on, shall we? Do you recall how Lindsay said she had a plane ticket back from France, and her lawyer represented to the judge last week that Lindsay would provide one? Lindsay's lawyer again went to the mat, and again Lindsay lied. There was no ticket. None. Zip. What the judge and the District Attorney got was a proposed itinerary, but not an actual ticket or ticket number. Nothing. Strike two. And then, of course, there are the strikes for lying about the passport being stolen, the police report made, her dad's friend stealing it, her pose with a fan in front of the coke. Oh, oh, oh. I have been wanting to talk about this.

Lindsay says she didn't know the coke was there in those pictures from last week, and that she was set up by a fan. Umm, here is the question I want the answer to. How did she know it was coke? She has never denied there was coke there, just that it was a setup. I will tell you why. Because she was sucking that s**t up her nose with that straw in her hand, and I actually can't believe she made it through one day in that bracelet without getting thrown in jail.

Oh, and for some reason, CBS decided to let Michael Lohan on their morning show.


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