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How Illusionist Dynamo was Able to 'Levitate' Next to Bus

Illusionist Dynamo had everyone fooled when he performed a "levitating" trick on the side of a double-decker bus. But now, many believe they know how he did it.

A similar trick was performed by artist Johan Lorbeer, and photos were taken afterwards that revealed he was being supported by a metal pole.

This led Australian site to conclude that Dynamo was using the same method with a fake right arm.

Lorbeer has done the levitation trick all across the world, in Egypt, France, Spain and Germany. In the tricks, he seems to float 10 feet off the ground and remain in this position for hours. 

Dynamo came to fame after he traveled along a two-story bus in London with his palm placed on the roof. He did it as an advertisement for Pepsi Max and was being followed underneath by a police escort to ensure there was no traffic around the bus.

Because he has a television show, his fans are used to seeing him do crazy tricks, but those who are unfamiliar with him were shocked to see him apparently levitating next to a moving bus. 

His previous tricks include walking across the River Thames and making actor Matt Lucas levitate before an audience. He also turned signed lottery tickets into cash in front of Robbie Williams. 

Sources: Mashable, Daily Mail


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