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How Did Sandra Bullock Keep Adopted Baby Secret?

People magazine's cover photo of Sandra Bullock holding her newly adopted boy, Louis, likely brought smiles to the many who felt the Oscar-winning actress deserved something good in her life after such a public fall.

But if you stop and think about this surprising story, a question emerges: How in the world did Sandra Bullock keep this secret for four months?

According to the People story, Bullock and her now-estranged husband Jesse James brought the baby home in January. They wanted to keep everything hush-hush until after the Academy Awards in March.

People writes: "Their close friends and family – including James's children Sunny, 6, Jesse Jr., 12, and Chandler, 15 – were essential in keeping the adoption a secret."

Of course, 10 days after the Oscars, news of James' alleged affairs hit and a baby announcement was deemed inappropriate.

But in a world where one Tweet, photo, text or email can go viral in a matter of hours, how did Bullock keep her adoption under wraps? Remember, since the Jesse James revelations, Bullock and James' every move has been scrutinized by an invasive media starved for breaking news. Friends were getting calls. Friends of friends' cousins were getting calls. No detail or detail was too mundane. 

So how is it possible that one of Sandra's friends didn't mention it to another loyal friend, who told someone less loyal, who called TMZ with the rumor? Did James keep it a secret from his friends as well -- starting back in January? If he told his friends, they stayed quiet? Did James' kids never say a word to anyone? What about the adoption officials? Not one person whispered something?

What about all the diapers, car seats and baby food that little Louis needed? Did somebody handle all of these purchases for Bullock? And that person never talked?

What about an intern working for People magazine or at Bullock's publicist 's office. Were they unaware that such a blockbuster story was in the works?

We may never know the answers to those questions. But perhaps Bullock's Big Secret can be chalked up to the performer herself. Bullock is known as being an intensely private person -- somewhat rare in today's culture where so many celebrities flock to Twitter every five minutes and tell the world their every thought.

So maybe the few people who did know about the baby respect Bullock and her privacy so much, they kept their mouths shut.

This also should be a lesson to the celebrities who complain about the media interfering with their lives. Some do have legitimate gripes -- often times the media (read: paparazzi) are far too intrusive. But in the cases of many celebrities, they invite the media in and then complain about the coverage.

The moral of the story is this -- if you have a secret that you don't want to get out, don't tell anyone, except for people whose loyalty is without question.

And maybe Sandra Bullock is in better shape than we thought. After all, she has friends she can trust.


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