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How Did Justin Bieber Break UFC Champ's Twitter Feed?

Justin Bieber knocked out Ultimate Fighting Championship head Dana White’s Twitter feed while fighter Dominick Cruz was taking down Urijah Faber in front of a star-studded crowd at UFC 132 in Las Vegas Saturday night.

When Bieber, who was in the house at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, sent out a series of Tweets that he was “chillin’ ” with White, the UFC kingpin’s feed got so much traffic from Biebs’ fans that his BlackBerry crashed and his account went silent for the rest of the night.

The day before the pop artist was in Bridgehampton, where he went on a shopping spree at Flying Point Surf Shop with girlfriend Selena Gomez. “They pulled up in a black Escalade, picked out some items, then went into the dressing room,” a spy said. “Justin bought two Obey hats, a T-shirt, board shorts and black Toms Shoes. Selena picked out a ViX bikini, a Free People dress and a pair of Toms pinstripe wedges.”

Bieber paid for everything and also bought his security guard board shorts and a T-shirt. “He and Selena looked very loved up,” the spy said. After that, locals wondered if they’d show up at any Hamptons parties, but they only spent a few hours on a boat with friends before Bieber flew to Vegas.


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