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How Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Make It Work Following His Split With Rihanna

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have been back together since his break up with Rihanna in May and they seem to be going strong. Tran reportedly has been making things as easy as possible for Brown in their relationship.

“If he’s hungry she’s going to cook," a source told "He love her Vietnamese rice she be whipping up. She got mad skills in the kitchen. She treats him like he’s her king. I’m telling you, it works for them. It may work better than how it worked with him and Rihanna. They just have a chemistry that’s hella bomb. They get along real good and that’s like 80 percent of everything right there. If you’re best friends with a b----, the rest is cake!”

Brown and Rihanna ended their relationship in May and he got back together with Tran. Brown and Rihanna reportedly have not spoken since the split.

“They’re cool; the respect is there, and so is the love,” a source told "It’s just squashed now. She’s doing her tour and he’s here. Besides, what’s the point? They already said what they had to say to each other way back when.”


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