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Hollywood’s Worst Kissers

They’re known for their sexy looks and successful movie projects – but sometimes fame and talent fail to impress even their movie co-stars. It must feel horrible when your movie partner says you’re an awful kisser, right? The worst thing about this kind of a confession? Everybody in the world now knows that you’re really bad at the art of French kissing.

Hollywood’s worst kissing actors

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo’s The Beach co-star, French actress Virginie Ledoyen, says she can barely remember his kiss in the movie as it was so bad and unimpressive.

I think Leonardo is a nice guy, but I wouldn’t want him as a lover,” Ledoyen confessed.

Tastes really differ – Michelle Williams who kissed DiCaprio in Shutter Island said she was impressed by his kissing skills.

Steve Carell

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson thinks Steve is a very bad kisser:

I just see Steve Carell’s lips. So the bottom of a cat’s paw – the soft supple part underneath – that’s what Steve Carell’s lips are like. But his tongue is like kitty cat litter. That’s the physical experience.”


Angelina Jolie

She’s one of the most beautiful people in the world and her lips are her trademark feature but turns out Angelina does not really know to to use them right. Jolie’s Wanted co-star James McAvoy described their on-screen kiss as “awkward, sweaty and not very nice.”

Robert Pattinson

We know him as an actor who’s not really good at sex scenes, but turns out he’s also a very bad kisser, according to Robert himself.

However, his co-stars have their own say on the matter. Like, Bel Ami‘s Christina Ricci finds him “a really good kisser.”

Tom Cruise

Thandie Newton did not like kissing Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. She said the kiss was “slightly icky and sort of wet.”

I’d really go home at the end of the day actually moaning about how many times we had to do [kissing scenes],” Newton added.

Emma Watson

Emma’s Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe confessed kissing Watson wasn’t the way he’d thought it would be and Emma turned out to be a “wild animal” when it came to kissing:

I was ambushed [by the kiss]! It was full on. It was incredible, I was not expecting that,” Daniel Radcliffe said. “I always thought it was going to be this soft sensual sort of moment and suddenly there was this vigorous kissing happening to me. [Emma] is a bit of an animal, she was great. But then I’m not complaining, there are tens of thousands of men that would cut off limbs to be in that position.”

You’re damn right Dan!

Woody Allen

Helena Bonham Carter said she found kissing Woody “offensive”:

He tells you up front certain ways of kissing he does not want. No exchange of liquid is permitted. It can be a bit offensive because he makes no effort at all.”

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford can’t kiss on screen! At least that’s what Helen Mirren says.

He’s probably not very good off screen either,” the actress concluded. “It’s not just me – other actresses agree. Whenever we get chatting off screen and we get around to talking, we come to the same conclusion.”

Quite embarrassing.

Matt Lanter

Though he looks really hot, turns out Matt is not as good as many of his fans may think. His 90210 co-star AnnaLynne McCord says he’s “a really bad kisser” and kissing him on-screen “kind of sucks.”

Victoria Beckham

She’s not quite an actress (despite several TV show cameos) but what her ex boyfriend, late Corey Haim, said about Viki’s kissing skills definitely deserves being included in this list. So according to Haim, Victoria Beckham “does this little grr gnaw thing” that seems like “a girl gnawing on your lip.”




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