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Hollywood's Liberal Agenda Does Not Reflect America

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I didn't watch any of last night's Golden Globes, but I heard enough about it to know that I didn't miss anything. After a week of complaining that America's biggest problem is incivility, it was somewhat ironic that these same liberals would sit through a Hollywood show that went out of its way to insult everyone.

Host Ricky Gervais, who spent three hours degrading every person he introduced (and plenty he didn't), hardly struck the respectful tone so many on the Left are calling for. In the end, it was probably an accurate representation of most of industry, which seems to believe that it's not "art" if it doesn't offend.

As in past years, the Globes proved that studios are far less concerned about entertaining people than they with indoctrinating them. Last night's awards were a celebration -- not of America's values, but of Hollywood's. Projects like The Kids Are All Right, Black Swan, "Glee," and others were rewarded for pushing the cultural envelope or advancing a liberal political agenda.

That may be how Hollywood defines "success," but it certainly isn't how audiences do. Neither of those films cracked the top 49 in last year's box office. In fact, The Kids Are All Right, which is the story of two lesbians raising a family, came in 113th in ticket sales. Toy Story 3, last year's box office winner, made 21 times more money than Kids did. What's more, Toy Story 3's $415,004,880 was more than all four R-rated nominees for Best Picture combined!

Audiences want to be inspired and uplifted. They don't want to spend two hours covering their kids' eyes and ears. And the numbers bear that out. In the top 17 movies of 2010, not one was rated R. Obviously, wholesome, family-friendly shows are not only good for the soul, they're good for business! And until producers really embrace that reality, they can expect more unhappy endings -- like this headline from earlier today: "Hollywood box office slump continues."


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