Holly Robinson Peete, Julie Chen and 'The Talk' Firings: "No Reason Given"


Holly Robinson Peete, former cohost of 'The Talk,' told E! News today that she and Leah Remini have not been told why they were fired from the show: "To be quite honest no, we have not heard a reason, and that kind of makes it a little more frustrating. I've been around long enough in this business to know that, sometimes, you don't get a reason. You just pick up and keep moving."

There has been speculation that Julie Chen, wife of CBS head Les Moonves, was behind the terminations. The NY Post referred to the situation as "The Wrath of Julie Chen."

"Our loyal viewers, especially the mom bloggers and some of the audience that we really built our core base on," Peet said. "I think they deserve a reason or some acknowledgment," Peete said while at a ceremony for the L.A. Watts Labor Community Action Committee center. 

Peete added: "But from my personal point of view. I'm moving on and looking toward the future.  But I do understand the frustration of not knowing. I'm just exploring a whole bunch of options. I feel like daytime TV is a sweet spot for me. I liked live TV, and I didn't know I could do it until this year. I'm looking forward to testing out new stuff, maybe some scripted opportunities."

Peet also said that she was eager to make an appearance in the upcoming '21 Jumpstreet' film: "When I heard about the 21 Jump Street movie remake, I begged to be in it! I loved that show, it's a part of TV folklore, and I've always been appreciative of what it did for me."

Peete told the filmmakers: "I gotta be in it, whatever I can do, I'll carry someone's books! I don't know if I'll make the film! But I begged my way in and I got in!"


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