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Holly Madison's Fiance Pasquale Rotella Faces Up to 13 Years in Jail

Though they just announced a day ago the date they will be married, Holly Madison might have to marry her fiance in jail, as it was just revealed he is set to spend time behind bars.

Pasquale Rotella went to court on Monday to face charges of bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy and conflict of interest. 

He was present for a pretrial conference. He is alleged to have used more than $2.5 million in funds from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to bribe city officials.

He used the venue to host dance events. He has been indicted along with five other men.

After being put in jail, he was released on $1.8 million bail and faces up to 13 years in prison if he is convicted.

His case will return to court on July 29, just a few days before their August 15 wedding.

But Rotella is confident he will win the case.

Rotella's attorney Gary Jay Kaufman said, "Rotella has always acted lawfully and appropriately with respect to all of his dealings with the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum."

"Any allegations of wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Rotella by the District Attorney's office are completely baseless and flat-out wrong, both on the law and on the facts. Any charges against Rotella are clearly politically motivated and publicly driven."

Meanwhile, Holly has big plans for her growing family, as she plans to have as many kids as the Kardashians.

Sources: Daily Mail


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