Stella McCartney's Child Born via Emergency Cesarean


Holy Moly! can exclusively reveal that Stella McCartney will tonight give birth to her baby at the The Portland Hospital in London. As a result, we would like to give All Our Loving on what must have been A Hard Day's Night...

Stella went into labour earlier today and has just undergone an emergency caesarean section. The baby, whose gender is yet to be confirmed, should be delivered within the next hour.

We are led to believe that all is well and there are no underlying health issues. Which is nice!

With three grandchildren from his other daughter, Mary, it looks like Paul's about to become a granddad for the seventh time. 

Stella, along with husband, Alasdhair Willis, have already given birth to three: Miller, aged 5, Bailey, aged 3 and Beckett, aged 2. Perhaps now this one is born the four of them could form some kind of music band and revolutionise pop music forever?

Just a suggestion.

Congratulations and good luck to Stella and co!


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