‘Hitchcock’ a Fascinating Film, Says Stupid Celebrities

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We all know him by his famous last name: ‘Hitchcock.’ Hitch, as he called himself, was synonymous with horror. He was the genius behind the bone chilling ‘Psycho.’ Who can forget that musical score during the infamous terrifying shower scene?! Even the ‘stabbing gesture’ made it into pop culture!

This film will tell you all about how that scene was orchestrated. But ‘Hitchcock’ was about more than that. It told the story of how ‘Psycho’ was made. This film takes you on a journey. The highs and lows of making ‘Psycho.’ In the process, you get to know the real Hitchcock. It was like going inside his head. You get to know every little thought. It was a tough road for Alfred Hitchcock but I’m glad he made ‘Psycho.’

‘Hitchcock’ opened with an unexpected ‘bang’ right off the top. A murder. But it was a funny opener. I went from a gasp to a chuckle in a matter of seconds! It was a weird feeling. But how can you not laugh when ‘Hitch’ showed up in the scene shortly after the murder with a cup of tea? It was true ‘Hitchcock.’ He narrated the beginning and the end of the film in usual ‘Hitchcock’ fashion.

Anthony Hopkinsdid a great job playing Hitchcock. He captured him perfectly. I smell an Oscar nod. He showed his tender side, obsessive side, his humanity and his humor. Here’s an example from the movie. Hitchcock introduced himself as just ‘Hitch’ hold the cock. I know, a little raunchy humor there. But the quiet hero of the film was Hitchcock’s wife Alma Reville (Helen Mirren). She was the one who stood behind him when no one believed in his film and helped make ‘Psycho’ into what it is today. She was the driving force.

This movie is directed by Sacha Gervasi. And I had the honor of meeting him. Check out the photo!

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Jenn Yu hanging with Sacha Gervasi

‘Hitchcock’ wasSacha Gervasi’sfirst feature film! I would’ve never guessed that watching this film. He knocked it out of the park. Gervasi made this film so enjoyable even though there were scary and dark scenes weaved into it.

But he managed to show me a different side of ‘Hitchcock.’ He told of a love story between Hitch and his wife Alma. He gave me a little comedy, drama and surrealism too. The director did a great job capturing Hitchcock’s signature profile shot and all the other classic shots of Hitchcock.

The film was based on a book. The scenes were generally true but some were not. I think that was the case with some of the dream sequences. ‘Hitchcock’ had a lot of heart. And when the credits rolled up the screen, I wanted to run out and rent ‘Psycho’ again. Oh, there is one thing I have to bash. And that is Scarlett Johanssoncannot act. She did a terrible portrayal of Janet Leigh. Someone find this girl an acting coach please!


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