Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin's Store Robbed for 2nd Time in 2 Weeks

Harry Hamlin says the store he and Lisa Rinna own was robbed again. Yes, the same store that was robbed last week with $100K worth of stuff taken, was robbed again on Monday and about the same amount of stuff taken.

Considering they said the store has been robbed six or seven times, what do you think about hiring a security guard? You know, you could hire three of them. They could work in 8 hour shifts.

And guess what? Not only would you be doing your part for the economy and the unemployment rate, but you would also show the world that you are not the complete idiots that everyone thinks you are.

Instead of laughing about all the thefts, how about doing something? Your previous plans did not work out so well. I bet they would do something really fast if they did not have insurance.

If I was their insurance company, I would cancel them right now.


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