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Hip-Hop News: Is Chris Brown Back?

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By Jacques "Jooks" Morel

“Reputation takes months to build…and only seconds to destroy”

This quote is true for everything that we deal with in life. You can be a perfect employee for six years up until the day you fuxk up. That is just the way life is – we have to accept these things. Chris Brown had his career flash before his eyes in a flash February 2009. In one instant he went from A list artist to exiled. (This is the last time I am going mention this here).

Chris Brown was in the dark – even with a strong single "Graffiti" underperformed and failed. Receiving abysmal reviews it shaped out to be Chris Brown’s worse release to date. Forcing himself out of the R&B genre for a second due to past events and a lackluster redemption album, he was lost. When all seemed impossible, Chris Brown did what everyone else did. He started rapping.

We will never know if Chris Brown had been rapping from the start – if so, much kudos. This writer feels a difference, however. Chris Brown’s bars sound as if they are still new – struggling to form. His rhyme style is progressively getting better as is his Hip Hop song composition. He is slowly turning into one of the stand out artists of late 2010 – not because of skill – his fan base has rapidly increased in the past months. Put out a good product and the rest will come.

Due to the blogs and the ease of use in releasing music nowadays, your average person can become a rapper with relative ease. Hip Hop has a slight “ease of use” to it - make a few songs, tweet a few people, and boom! You’re on a blog – call yourself a rapper. Chris Brown decided to this – and surprisingly it is working very well.

I believe in one very basic theory about Hip Hop – you cannot deny a hit record. Hip Hop is an art form based in “Respect”. While it is also one of rampant ghostwriting, giving credit where it is due is very important in Hip Hop. Chris Brown, through the releases of "In My Zone", "Fan of a Fan", and "In My Zone 2" has solidified himself as a rapper on the underground circuit.

It is known that Chris Brown is musically talented. He has produced countless R&B hits – but can the world accept a rapping Chris Brown? I think it can – and I think that we need it.

Swag Rap is a growing division of Hip Hop. Like it or not, if you’re a fan of: Big Sean, Lil B, Tyga, you listen to Swag Rap. Rap basically talking about i.e. – stunting on you, sleeping with your girlfriend, doing things you wish you could do.

I also understand that that Hip Hop stars have done this many times over the last forever, only now can we say that a few select artists are solely profiting and capitalizing on this. While many of these “swag rapping” artists talk about having tremendous amounts of money, flying in G4’s, and riding in Lamborghini’s – we can only attest that Chris Brown is the only of them to have done that. Chris Brown is already a platinum artist, already has the riches, already has the brand, and he now has the notoriety.

"In My Zone" proved to be a good listen – "Fan of a Fan" surprised many who thought that Chris Brown could not rap. 2011 holds his next album release entitled "F.A.M.E" – quietly anticipated by the fans – which could put him back on the map – but not yet on top.

Chris Brown is on his way – will it take him to the top? Possibly, he was there once before – so getting back there shouldn’t be too hard, right?



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