Hip Hop Journey with Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica is New Orleans rapper with his exceptional rapping skills about him talk of the town in 2008. He has been substantial new object from 2007 due to his conventional nature of releasing albums and unconventional nature of music by "Queens get the money" in 2008. This rapper stole the show by with his prestigious association with known figures of industry.

Jay Electronica journey- Symbol of a rapper

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After 19 from LA he moved to several cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Washington and few more. It was here at Detroit that he met producer Mike Chavarria and collaboration began with other singers and stalwarts of industry which lead to fusion of best talents. Jay Electronica has well announced in several concerts that he "wants to bring back the madness, fever, love and forever magic "of Hip Hop. Jay Electronica has been most exciting things to happen in past few years as later to 2009 Just Blaze produced track "Exhibit C," which rose to glory 86 rank in Hip hop music charts where mark of celecbirty rapper was made with his electronic voice.

Imperative American Rapper set to rock spectators with charismatic personality

Jay Elec has magical voice appealing crowds since 2004. With "A Million in the Morning" started significant new phase for Jay E". In 2007 with album Act I- Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), voice of Jay Electronica is slowly flowed with on instrumental piano keys which was made availoable on Myspace. He has also received acclaims for his rapping from Diddy and Erykah Badu (his wife).

Awaiting Rap music

Jay Electronica recently was associated with Rock Nation and has earlier associations with Dogon Society . This man is here to stay and woo his fans with upcoming projects to enjoy like Act 2 and its sequel.

Hip Hop is set to alter with Roc Nation as rhymes will change to touch the endlesss blue skies.


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