Hilary Swank Gained 15 Pounds For "Conviction" Movie

Healthy actress Hilary Swank struggled with putting on weight for her new movie Conviction - a movie based on a true story. Hilary - who plays Betty Anne Waters, a single mother who, despite never finishing high school, put herself through law school whilst working as a waitress to clear her brother Kenneth on a murder charge - said:

"I personally have difficulty keeping weight on, and for this role I had to add 15lbs.

"My character, a single mom, hadn't any opportunity to stay fit. For my own needs, I like working out.

"But to gain weight, I stopped that. Besides, this was an independent film. Small budget. We filmed long hours, long days. No time to work out.

"Normally I only eat until I'm full. On this shoot, I kept eating more. Even when I was full, I'd eat more. With nowhere to go, the weight stays on you."


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