High School Drama Students Rehearse Play About Pedophilia, Bestiality


Parents of Cactus Shadows High School teens were outraged when they discovered students in an acting class were practicing for a play about pedophilia and bestiality.

The Tony-award winning play “The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?” features characters who fall in love with a goat and discussions of having sex with a dog. It also includes the use of vulgar sexual terms that students and parents were uncomfortable with.

"To me, the play read like a porn script,” one parent said. “It seemed that it was just meaningless and incessant blather, until you got to the really good parts.”

He added that he had discovered the content of the play when his son brought the script home one weekend, pointing out the parts that he felt uncomfortable reading.

Another parent asserted that the drama teacher, Andrew Cupo, told his students to hide the script from parents and faculty.

Superintendent Debbi Burdick said the administration was disappointed in the play’s language. When asked how the play gained approval, she noted that the administration does not check every lesson.

“We expect that to be something our own educators have a filter that they use,” Burdick said.

An investigation is currently underway into why the students were rehearsing the play.

Cupo will remain on paid administrative leave until the investigation ends, which is standard procedure according to Burdick.

Sources: CBS News, I4U News


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