61-Mile-Long Beijing Traffic Jam Enters Ninth Day


This morning in Beijing, the ultimate traffic jam continues. 9 days and counting and a backup of 61 miles. You know, after the first four or five hours, I think I would have given up and tried to make a U-Turn.

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Why even bother trying to go anywhere? You would think after the first day people would kind of understand they were not going to move if they tried to take this road, so why would you put yourself through it? Wouldn't it be better to just stay at home? People are buying food and sleeping in their cars. I imagine there must be a bunch of cars that have run out of gas, but how can anyone get to those cars to give them gas, or if a car has broken down? If I was the government there, I would cutting holes in medians and get people off the road. Stay home. Call it a holiday. Can you imagine being trapped in your car for 9 days?

Look at the people trying to change lanes. Yeah, like that lane is going to get you home quicker.


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