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Here Is The Brad Paisley One-Liner From The CMA Awards That Some Are Calling Offensive (Video)

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley co-hosted the 2014 CMA Awards on Wednesday night. Although the evening mostly went off without a hitch, a joke made by Paisley while he was trying to plug a new ABC comedy seemed to rub some people the wrong way.

Paisley played off ABC’s new show, “Black-ish."

“If you were looking for Black-ish tonight, yeah, this ain’t it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy White-ish,” he joked.

Almost as soon as the comment was made, people jumped on Twitter and dubbed it offensive. See for yourselves:

Brad paisley straight made one of the biggest racist jokes of all time - Michael Ganley (@MikeJamezzz)

Brad Paisley just confirmed that country music is racist with that racist joke about Black-ish - zack (@zdessent)

BradPaisley shows country still hasn't lost its racist edge. Now here's an Australian woman singing about living in a small town - Brandon Gnetz (@SGSNighthawk)

For what it's worth, not everyone felt this way.

So what @BradPaisley said was racist, but having a show called #Blackish is not racist? Morons. - Jimmy Davidson (@JimmyTheFreak88)

Decide for yourselves if there is anything wrong with the joke.

Sources: The Blaze, USA Today / Photo Credit: Associated Press


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