Right Royal Cutie Pippa Middleton Steals Sister Kate’s Spotlight

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Pippa Middleton seems to be stealing all the attention from her big sister Duchess Kate Middleton.  Between strutting sexily in that sizzling party photo, clad in skimpy bra and slinky skirt and fending off a flirty Prince Harry, not to mention her outrageous $5 million porn flick offer from Vivid – is Pippa upstaging Kate?

Apparently one cost of all this is that Pippa’s London stockbroker boyfriend Alex Loudon is seething with jealousy and feeling incredibly insecure, according to an insider.

“They’ve been dating less than a year and already talking marriage – Alex actually proposed months ago. But Pippa told him they should hold off because an engagement would steal Kate’s limelight.” Alex agreed, but jealousy boiled right after the royal wedding when he and Pippa partied at the boozy, all-night postnup bash.

“Alex was furious because he felt Prince Harry overstepped his brother-in-law boundaries and flirted outrageously with Pippa,” said the source.  “He confronted her about it the next day, but she just laughed it off. Now Alex is saying: ‘Enough is enough!’ He wants the world to know Pippa’s taken, so he’s pressing her to make their engagement official!”

Friends say Pippa loves Alex – but totally loves her heady new status as a worldwide sex symbol! Oh Oh!


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