Hell Yeah! Now with “Relieving” Gore!

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Can’t get enough gratuitous violence?  Arkedo and SEGA have you covered.  Hell Yeah!: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is a new title coming to XBLA, PSN, and PC.  This downloadable title promises to be, well, bloody at the very least.  It has a morbidly cute art style, looking like something Tim Burton might have dreamt up.  Hell Yeah! is described as a crazy action-adventure platformer.  You play as Ash, a dead rabbit who is the Prince of Hell.  Someone thinks it might be funny to post your intimate pictures up on the “Hell-Ternet”, and that’s when Ash decides to get his sweet bloody vengeance.

Hell Yeah! takes pride in it’s “relieving” gore.  The slaughtering of thousands of little demons is designed to be therapeutic stress free fun.  I know I can use that from time to time!  There are 10 game worlds to wreak havoc upon with secret areas and side quests.  With hundreds of weapons, objects, and monsters to find this should keep completionists busy for a while.  There are also “Finish Him!” mini-games to add a little variety to the massacre.  Hell Yeah! will be available for download this summer.


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