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Heidi Montag to Negotiate Release of Sex Tape

Because this whole thing wasn’t planned at all, Heidi Montag is discussing the release of her sex tape with Vivid Entertainment head honcho Steven Hirsch.

Yes, we all know the drill. First, you vehemently deny the existence of the sex tape. Then you get “mad” about the publicity for said tape. After that, you threaten a lawsuit over the release of the tapes. And lastly, you quietly sign the paperwork while publicly saying that you are truly humiliated. Cha-ching!

Heidi is currently in the “act humiliated/negotiate millions” stage of this process.

TMZ has more:

We’re told Heidi has agreed to listen to Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch when he arrives in Costa Rica to make an offer on the footage … some of which is said to contain girl-on-girl action with Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon.

We’re told Heidi wants Hirsch to provide her with the sales numbers on Kim Kardashian’s sex tape — which was also released through Vivid — because Heidi may be interested in working out a “back-end deal” if Steve can’t offer enough cash up front to satisfy Montag.

We’ll have photos of this alien in the sex tape as soon as they are made available. Stay tuned!


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