Heidi Klum's Diet Advice for Older Women: Gain Weight

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Supermodel Heidi Klum has revealed her secret to looking good as you age - don't get too thin. The 37-year-old mother-of-four still looks as stunning as she did when she first strutted down the catwalk, and has advised her fans not to be fooled into thinking that staying superthin helps you look younger. She tells the new issue of Self magazine,

"The ultimate beauty secret for a woman getting older is, 'Don't be too thin!' It is always better to have a little meat on your bones. When you are just muscle, you end up being gaunt in the face, and that makes you look older by five or 10 years."

And the German beauty is adamant she is not concerned by her advancing years, insisting she will never resort to any wrinkle-banishing products to keep ageing at bay. She adds,

"I don't think of getting older as looking better or worse; it's just different. You change, and that's OK. Life is about change. I don't have anxiety about it, so I'm not running to get Botox. Maybe that will change, but I don't think so. I feel comfortable in my skin and comfortable with ageing, so I think it's OK that I get wrinkles."

I love a confident woman in her skin. You go Heidi!


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