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Heidi Klum Promotes Her TV Show with Models Dressed in Redface, Indian Costumes

Former supermodel Heidi Klum recently promoted a photo shoot for her TV show "Germany’s Next Top Model" with white models dressed as Native Americans, which is often called "redface."

According to UPI, Klum posted the pictures on her Facebook page with the caption, "Here Are My Beautiful GNTM Girls!"

The female model contestants were posing as part of the TV show's "Amerindian" challenge. describes the models as "pouty, half-naked white women posing ever-so seductively in war paint and head- dresses."

The reaction on Klum's Facebook page has been harsh:

I thought I admired you...NOT!! Shame on you!! And please don't tell me that you're honoring natives either. Go around in blackface and see how far that gets you. Ignorance...

Thank you Heidi Klum and GNTM for contributing to the fetishization and hypersexualization (sic) of Native Women. 1 in 3 of us will be raped in our lifetime for the same reason that you and others see nothing wrong these images. Entitlement.

What disrepect (sic) to Native Americans. You knew it was wrong and you still did it. That makes you wrong. Stop using Native culture as fashion for your own agenda. Why dont yall (sic) do the theme of honkey, cracker or white face? Better yet all 3.

This is not the first time Klum has been under fire for objectifying women. The Los Angeles Times reported in 2013 that feminist protesters took to the stage of "Germany’s Next Top Model" to protest Klum for sexualizing young ladies.

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