HD TV Antennas Get Up to 40 TV Channels, Without Cable or Dish Satellite


Americans can easily spend between $30 and $100 (or more) per month to get TV channels via cable or a dish network, but there is a simple way to get around monthly fees.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, new HD TV antennas from Audiovox, Antennas Direct and Aereo can deliver high-definition broadcasts because of the digital TV conversion that took place in 2009.

In some areas of the US, viewers can actually get up to 40 broadcast channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, TBS, The CW and independent stations.

AntennaWeb.org lists the broadcast channels in your area after you type in your zip code and address. The handy website also shows you where the local TV broadcast towers are located so you can point your HD antenna in the right direction.

Antenna prices range from the Terk HDTVa ($50) to the Antennas Direct ClearStream Micron-R ($75) to the Audiovox Mobile TV ($120).

Aereo also offers an online service that broadcasts TV channels to computers, cell phones and tablets starting at only $8 a month.

According to MakeUseof.com, there also services that stream TV content over the web such as Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus and iTunes. For movie watchers only there is Netflix.

For sports fans, DigitalTrends.com lists web sites that often stream games.

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