Did Paramore Singer Hayley Williams Accidentally Post Topless Photo?


Lots of celebrities get their Twitter accounts hacked. Hayley Williams of Paramore says hers was hacked last night. Most of the time, when someone hacks into a celebrity Twitter account, they change the password,so it takes some time before anything they post is deleted. That was not the case last night. Still, even with that, I would probably believe her, except for what the supposed hacker posted. It was a topless picture of Hayley. It is also obvious from looking at the picture that it was either taken by Hayley or someone two feet from her. So, the person who hacked her account must have also been able to find and post the picture which no one had ever seen before.

Shortly after the picture was posted, it was removed, and Hayley put up a Tweet that said, "Well... my night just changed drastically. Got hacked." Sure you did. I think she accidentally posted it, realized her mistake and took it down.

If you want to see the NSFW topless photo, you can click here.


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