Hayden Panettiere's Boxer Boyfriend is 1 1/2 Feet Taller than Her

The former ‘Heroes’ actress is dating boxer Wladimir Klitschko – who, at 6ft 6in, is 1ft 5in taller than Hayden – and while she admits there is a huge height difference, she insists the couple have become used to it although she does rely on her stilettos.

She said: “I wear a lot of heels! But we don’t even notice it any more. A lot of relationships are always physically close, being all lovey-dovey, but with him being so much taller, I’m forced to take a step back to have a conversation – otherwise I get a sore neck! So there’s more contact, which I think makes it a very balanced relationship.”

Hayden also revealed Wladimir is very romantic, saying: “He buys me flowers and lovely things like that. People make a fuss about the 13-year age gap, but age is just a number. We never really talk about it.”


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