Hayden Christensen Sues USA Network For Stealing TV Show Idea

Actor Hayden Christensen has filed a lawsuit against the USA Network, alleging that TV bosses ripped off his idea for a comedy series. 

Christensen and his brother, Tove, claim they contacted the USA Network in 2005, where they pitched a proposal for a show called Housecall. The show's premise centered around a "concierge" doctor who makes house calls to the rich and famous.  

The brothers are alleging that after the pitch, the network took the idea and ran with it, turning the concept for the show into the current series, Royal Pains - now in its second season.

The brothers filed legal papers in Manhattan Federal Court on  Tuesday.

The New York Post reports that an unnamed executive at the USA Network told the brothers that when they pitched their idea, he was "unaware of concierge doctors," and said their concept was "fascinating." 


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