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Have Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Broken Up?

I actually do feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston. Now, I know you are saying, “But Blanche, darling, she has buckets of cash, long gorgeous legs and a career that she got a nose job for!” However, being the subject of every tabloid fodder for years on end would breach the line of tolerance for most of us. I am fortunate enough to have thick skin (courtesy of delicious Double Double burgers), but constant rumors would make me shave my head and go crazy with an umbrella.

It’s refreshing when one gets to call BS on a tabloid rumor. So, RING RING! It’s about to rain cold hard facts up in here…

Jennifer and Justin Theroux were, once again, at the head of a nasty break up rumor that stated Justin was sick of Jen being clinging. The couple was said to be splitting and ready to hit the escape button on their relationship.

It’s all fictitious. Well, the break up part is anyway. Jen strikes me as the type of girlfriend who dresses up her cats and sends pics of them to her man while he playing poker at guys night. Last night, they gave a strong show of unity. They left Chateau Marmont Hotel after cuddling and kissing their way through dinner. As the left, they held hands and Justin had his arms around Jen in an embrace. It seems forced, but all is well in A-list paradise according to reps for the couple.

This is purely opinion, but I am convinced Aniston is pregnant. Maybe I am wrong, but something about all this screams pregnancy. Their PDA seems a bit sketchy/forced and the well timed date nights after split reports could be your average celebrity relationship rodeo, but they fit the bill for a blind item that states that an A lister is pregnant and planning on using the pregnancy to her benefit.

What do you think? Real deal or just a PR made match?

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