Have 'The Bachelor' Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Spilt?

It’s safe to say The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik’s Season16 is the “most dramatic season ever.”

Besides what went on with Ben’s supposed fiance, Courtney Robertson and the other women this season, the tabloids have been revealing Ben’s “cheating”, along with Courtney shopping for wedding dresses. Confused yet?

While it hasn’t been 100% confirmed that Courtney is the “final one” and  it won’t be verified until Monday’s season finale of The Bachelor, for the purpose of this story we will assume she is “the one”.  If she isn’t the one – that will be the biggest shock – in Bachelor history.

On the Women Tell All, Courtney used the past tense when referring to Ben saying, ‘I cared for him’ and then tried to cover-up by quickly adding, ‘I still do.’

An inside source has revealed to Have U Heard that The Bachelor and Courtney will not be available for interviews after the show.  While it is customary for the newly engaged couple to make their press rounds, this is not the case.  Last season when Brad and Emily were having problems  (they have since broken up)  there weren’t any interviews of the couple.

If the couple haven’t broken up – then there is definitely trouble in paradise.

By the way…Ben may not of have been cheating on Courtney since they may have already broken up.


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