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"Haunted" Mirror Put Up for Sale on eBay, Roommates Tired of Suffering

Bidding site eBay has been in the news many times for the odd items sold on it, but its most recent odd item is a “haunted” mirror.

Two roommates from the UK are selling the mirror because it has caused them great suffering.

Joseph Birch, 20, and Sotiris Charalambous, 43, said the mirror was found outside their apartment five months ago. They took it in, not knowing the bad luck that would follow.

They said the mirror has brought them financial problems and illness.

Charalambous said he has woken up screaming with “stabbing pains” in the night, and has seen “flickering shadows and glimpses of black darkness” in the mirror.

Once they painted the mirror a metallic color, the torturing was heightened, as they both experienced intense nightmares.

Joseph woke up with red scratch marks in the middle of the night last week.

Despite being “haunted,” the mirror is in good condition. They have listed it on eBay for £100 and said that it is “only right” buyers know about its ghostly attributes before they buy it.

A few people have bid below the reserve price, and one bidder is hoping to buy it as a gift for an ex.

“I think someone could have been murdered in front of the mirror and that’s why it has been haunting out house. I don’t think the mirror likes it since I painted it silver. I took it to an antique dealer who said it was worth £100, and that’s why we’re asking for the price. But we would ideally like it to go to someone who has experience of the paranormal,” Sotiris said.

But when all is said and done, Joseph just wants the mirror out of the house.

“I just know we don’t want it in the house anymore, but we didn’t think it was fair to sell it without warning people.”

They described the it on the page as a “beautiful grand victorian style mirror.”



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