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Harry Styles Meets Taylor Swift at NRJ Awards

Don't let this put you off your minestrone soup this lunch time, guys. Harry Styles and Taylor Swift had an awkward time at the NRJ Awards in Cannes over the weekend when they encountered each other for the first time since the American singer (allegedly) laughed at his smegma and left him alone on holiday staring inquisitively at his hooded winkle.

Despite such talents as Carly Rae Jepsen, Psy, Emeli Sande, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz being in attendance, coverage of the NRJ Awards in Cannes has largely focused on the fact that Styles and Swift were both there, what with them now being exes after a few weeks of dating at the end of last year. It's pretty much the tale of any shopping centre across the globe (also see Zayn and Perrie). However, rather that it being cited that Harry and Taylor split because the One Direction star was spotted getting a handy from Tom's mate Kerry round the back of Claire's Accessories, it seems that it might've been down to the biggest US-UK relations divide since the pronunciation of 'route' and importance of Ryan Seacrest - the foreskin...

Talking to the oracle of truth The National Enquirer, a 'source' said:

"Taylor didn’t like the fact that English-born Harry was not circumcised – she even suggested he undergo surgery!” 

"Harry made it clear he had no intention of changing anything. He asked her not to mention it again. But Taylor never missed the chance to poke fun or make a comment.

Tsk - you don't 'poke', Taylor.

“At first, Harry just rolled his eyes and tried to ignore her, but the final straw came when she suggested once again that he get…snipped!”

And to think Harry thought Taylor was talking about Niall when she said she thought he should ditch the 'useless piece of skin' (joke, guys).

Back to the NRJ Awards though, bet that Swizz Beatz has one cheesy knob. Mmmm, emmental cheese...


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