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'Harry Potter' Star Has Sex In Front of His Parents

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It's a loooong way from Hogwarts. Somehow Rupert Grint, of "Harry Potter" fame, ended up watching his first-ever big screen sex scene sitting beside his parents

The 21-year-old actor told London's Mirrorthat viewing "Cherrybomb," (a coming of age flick about a troubled teenager's lost weekend of drugs, shoplifting and, of course, sex), with his parents was embarrassing. Not the whole movie, just the part where he ends up naked in bed with his co-star Kimberley Nixon. "The scene's quite tastefully done, but it's not the sort of moment you really want to share with your mum and dad," confessed Grint.

How did Grint's parents react to their son's steamy romp? "When the scene arrived, we all sat there not really saying anything," said Grint. "Afterwards nobody talked about it, which was kind of a relief." Awkward.

We can barely ask the question, because it's so hard to imagine, but would you be comfortable watching your adult kid in a steamy sex scene in a movie?


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