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"Harry Potter" App Turns Your iPhone Into a Wand

Curious Apps often take off, and it doesn’t hurt to have Harry Potter in the name. Harry Potter: Spells is an App that lets you turn your iPhone into a wand and start dueling, and now a free option has been released.

HARRY POTTER™: SPELLS, the best-selling Harry Potter App for the iPhone and iPod touch, is now available as a free app on the App Store.  Based on the Harry Potter films, this immersive app transforms Muggles everywhere into fledgling wizards, enabling them to cast spells against their opponents or disarm them with spells such as Expelliarmus.

Earlier this year, fans who previously purchased HARRY POTTER™: SPELLS were asked to choose the future spell packs through the App’s official Facebook pages.  After receiving a tremendous response, three of the top spells chosen by fans have been included in the first of many spell packs.

The first pack is now available on the App Store and includes Avada Kedavra (instantly defeats your opponent), Morsmordre (summons the Dark Mark) and Reparo (repairs broken objects).  By downloading these spell packs, seasoned Muggles will be able to further hone their spell casting abilities.  Players who download the free app can also add these powerful spells to their collection for an additional $0.99.


HARRY POTTER™: SPELLSFREE begins with three spells that allow wizards-in-training to conjure up magic alone or duel others by casting spells from one device to another using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. After receiving an official invitation to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, students visit Ollivanders wand shop, where the wand chooses its new master. Players are then introduced to the legendary Sorting Hat and placed into one of the four houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin). Then it’s time to begin Wizard Training in Practice, where players learn the specific hand gestures or touch mechanisms to cast each spell.

May the Best Wizard Win!

Once students master their spells they can practice against the computer or challenge a friend to a duel.  While players of different years may duel, be wary, as more advanced students will have a tactical advantage with a larger repertoire of spells – but novice students can still win based on their magical skills (more damage is done to an opponent with higher level spells and with well-cast spells, regardless of level). A duel concludes when one player’s health meter is reduced to zero.

Spell Types

The app teaches players some of the most popular spells from the world of Harry Potter, including Expelliarmus, Alohomora, and Petrificus Totalus!

Player Profile

Accomplishments, including mastering spells in practice mode and winning duels, are rewarded with house points. The house points that a player earns are combined with those earned by all other players in the same house around the world. In the Profile section, players can monitor the following:

  • Statistics: A record of the player’s accomplishments and total number of house points earned including name, house, wins/losses in dueling, total house points, player’s rank within the house and in the school.
  • House Point Leaderboard: Displays top ranked players in all four houses and an Overall Leaderboard that showcases the top Hogwarts students.
  • Facebook integration – Players can post profiles and scores on Facebook.

The HARRY POTTER™: SPELLSFREE App is available from the App Store on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad or at  The HARRY POTTER™: SPELLS spell packs are now available for $0.99 each.  The full version of the App which includes 17 spells and one premium spell pack is also available for $2.99.

For more information on HARRY POTTER™: SPELLS please visit: or on Facebook


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