"Hangover 3" Movie Already in the Works


With the astronomical success that is the Hangover 2, it would be almost silly for there to not be a third installment.

The part deux raked in over $200 million and has only been in theaters for a little over 5 days. Impressive.

Apparently, Warner Bros has looked to Craig Mazin who with Scot Armstrong penned the second Hangover film.

So what would a part three look like?

Well, here’s what Mazin said; “I think the third movie ends with Doug staring at a row of crosses in a graveyard. It’s everyone – his wife, his family is dead, everybody from the first movie is dead. Somebody shows up and tells him his dog is dead.”

There has also been mention that a third film in the series should/would/might take place in Amsterdam. Now that would be cool.

Would you go see a third Hangover film? I would.


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