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Halle Berry Shocked to be Pregnant After Fertility Treatments

As everyone knows by now,Halle Berry is pregnant.   She has no idea how it happened and has claimed, repeatedly,  it was ‘the biggest surprise of her life.’  Since she is 46 years old, she also thought she was past the point of becoming pregnant.

In most instances, becoming pregnant after the age of 40 is very difficult and usually requires a bit of help.  It turns out that Halle is no different from other women her age.  Blind Gossip is reporting that Halle actually,

“went through many months of fertility treatments with her significant other by her side and did in vitro to make this pregnancy happen, so we don’t think that exactly classifies it as an accident!

She is just worried that she lost some fans after some recent parenting issues cast an unfavorable light on her family, and believes that being a “Miracle Mommy” will soften them up and bring them back.”

If Berry continues to attack the paparazzi and fight with her ex- Gabriel Aubrey, her daughter Nahla’s father, something tells me it doesn’t matter if she gets pregnant at 60, nobody is going to really care.

What do you think about Halle Berry actually planning her pregnancy and having in-vitro to do it at the age of 46??


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