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Half-Naked Men Interrupt TV Reporter’s Winter Report (Video)

Annie Yu, a TV reporter in the Washington D.C. area, was doing a live shot from Leesburg, Virginia, today when three half-naked men appeared in the background.

The Fox 5 DC reporter made a reference to some earlier "buffoonery," while warning people not to go joyriding on the frozen roads (video below).

However, when she turned around, Yu and the viewing audience saw three men, without their shirts, waving from across the road.

"Obviously, the buffoonery has returned," Yu said.

Later, she tweeted, "For those wondering: 2 half naked men ran twd my live shot. I kno, sorry. But it's a family show. Apparently snow makes some ppl go coo coo!"

Sources: Fox 5 DC, Twitter
Image Credit: Fox 5 DC Screenshot


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