Hairdresser Sues Paul McCartney's Ex-Wife Heather Mills for $80,000

Heather MIlls, the ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney, is being sued by a hairdresser who claims that she owes him more than $80,000 in unpaid bills.

David Paul Miramontes, who is based in Los Angeles, said he repeatedly gave Mills $5,000 haircuts, but never received a penny from her.

According to his lawsuit, Mills, who was married to Sir Paul at the time, pleaded poverty to Miramontes and promised to pay him once her divorce settlement came through.

Despite being awarded about $50 million dollars in her divorce settlement three years ago, Mills has yet to pay what she owes Miramontes.

The court papers state: "On or around December 2008, Mills cut off contact with her entourage that helped make her look and become famous, and started avoiding David because she owed him money. At this point, the celebrity hairstylist David Paul realized he was a victim of fraud. David now believed Mills never intended to pay as promised."

"On or around December 2008, David refused to work for Mills ever again. He prepared a final invoice reflecting $80,000 in total unpaid services rendered. The final invoice remains unpaid to date."

The hairdresser, who is known professionally as David Paul, claims he styled Mills' hair for her appearances on the 'Miss America Pageant' TV show  and when she was a contestant on 'Dancing With The Stars.'

He said he did Mills' hair at least 20 times between 2005 and 2008, charging $2,500 when she visited his Beverly Hills salon and $5,000 when he worked out of his shop.

On one occasion in 2005, Miramontes claims he styled Mills' hair at a black tie charity gala, but she allegedly said she could not afford to pay him, yet donated more than $30,000 to charity at the event.

Miramontes also claims to have visited Mills at a house she was renting in Malibu, for $100,000 a month.

According to the lawsuit, Mills "constantly lied" to her hairdresser and to the public about the state of her finances and her marriage: "David was made to believe that Paul McCartney was a cheap tyrant who was often a drunk and abusive husband."

In 2008, when Mills received her multi-million-dollar settlement from McCartney, Miramontes claims she still failed to pay up. Later, he discovered Mills had lied to him about the money she was receiving from McCartney before their divorce. McCartney was, in fact, giving Mills one million annually for pocket money.


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