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Hair Icons Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston Change 'Dos on Same Day

When you think of recent icons of hair, two names that would pop into people's heads are Justin Bieber and Jennifer Aniston. Well, both of them have changed their famous locks, and on the same day, no less.

As for Bieber, his hair is so important (in his own mind, apparently), that he took to Twitter to announce to his adoring prepubescent fans that he has gotten rid of his trademark wind-swept helmet-look:

"yeah so it's true...i got a lil haircut...i like it...and we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction. Details coming soon."

How much will his hair fetch? Stay tuned.

Bieber also told the gossip site TMZ, "I just wanted kind of a change... I just got sick of it, it was in my eyes." He also provided the site with a photo of his new look (Bieber is the young one on the right).

via TMZ

Now to Aniston, whose "Rachel" haircut was the hottest look in the 1990s. She recently came out and said how ugly she thought the cut was, shattering the hopes and dreams of millions who followed her.

Aniston has changed her style before, but her shoulder-length bob is a brand new look. Check her out at the premiere of "Just Go With It" in Madrid on Tuesday (the photos only look like a mug shot):

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