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Jon Gosselin's Ex: He Tried To Extort Money From Kate

Jon Gosselin pulled a CBS News producer/David Letterman-style extortion stunt on Kate Gosselin.

According to RadarOnline, Jon threatened to report his then-wife Kate to Child Protective Services unless she gave him a large sum of money.

So who's behind this claim? Hailey Glassman. Jon's ex-girlfriend who is now with crazy Michael Lohan. We think.

Hailey explained to that Jon hatched a plan to get money out of Kate by threatening to report her to Child Protective Services, claiming Kate hurt daughter Mady's arm.

Mady did hurt her arm, learned, and Jon saw it as an opportunity to cash in, according to Hailey. "We were in bed and Jon called Kate on speaker phone," she told exclusively. "He wrote down what he wanted to say to her and then he read from his notes. "He told her, 'You either give me money, or I'm going to call CPS.'"

Does any of this really surprise you? Maybe Jon was just upset he didn't get chosen for Dancing With the Stars.



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