Gwyneth Paltrow Says British Accent is 'Beautiful,' Except for the Way They Say 'Pasta'


Gwyneth Paltrow has been living in England for the past ten years and says that the accent is the most beautiful in the world, except for how they pronounce the word "pasta."

She recently said that she doesn't want her children to say the word in the English way.

"I've lived in England for 10 years and the accent is the most beautiful in the world, except for how you pronounce pasta as pasta instead of pah-sta. I'm sort of joking when I say this but I really don't want my children speaking that way," she said.

She also said she allows her children to have Oreos sometimes, though she tries to have them eat "real food" all the time.

"All I do is try to eat and cook real food, the way our ancestors would. It's funny how people react, as if it's revolutionary that I don't want my children to eat Oreos, or the English equivalent, every day. I believe in real food, things being delicious, and butter, in minimally processed delicious foods and raw milk cheese and properly raised chicken and line-caught fish. But I'm a realist and I have kids and I love Oreos, too."

Paltrow has received criticism recently over the release of her cookbook which consists of expensive recipes. 

Sources: Girls Talkn' Smack


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