Gwyneth Paltrow Says Beyonce's Album Will be Out Soon

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While many have been worried about when Beyonce's album will come out, her friend Gwyneth Patlrow calmed some fans by saying it is on its way.

"I've heard a lot, lot of many songs," Paltrow said. "I don't know which ones have ended up on the album, but I've heard a lot as it's gone on."

"Yes, it's coming. She's almost done but she's got a lot on her plate."

Her new album is set to come out sometime this year, and the singer hasn't even released a single yet.

Fans have only heard some of the album from her Pepsi commercial, which featured a snippet of "Grown Woman." They also heard "Bow Down/I Been On," but it's either an intro to the album or a mix of two songs.

MTV reported recently that the album will be out in the next 8 months, but it's not set in stone.

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