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Gwyneth Paltrow's Daughter Bonds with Stella McCartney

Gwyneth Paltrow relies on Stella McCartney to take her daughter Apple to equestrian lessons – because the actress “hates” horses.

The Shakespeare in Love star’s six-year-old daughter has begun competing in horse shows but Paltrow admits she doesn’t share the youngster’s passion for riding.

And she reveals it’s her best pal, fashion designer McCartney, who has been teaching Apple about animals.

Paltrow tells Vogue magazine, “She loves riding – she competed in her first horse show the other day and won second place. Well, of course I was thrilled for her – but it’s incredible because I hate horses and have nothing really to do with them.

“The other day I actually sent Stella a picture because there was Apple, just sitting on her horse, wearing a pineapple T-shirt. I just texted her saying, ‘Surely this is your child?’ It’s amazing – she’s a vegetarian, she adores animals, everything – she and Stella have really bonded.”


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