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Gwyneth Paltrow Enjoys Anti-Gravity Yoga

Hey guys, it's time for our weekly Goop - get out your ethically-sourced leather-bound notebook and gather round now... We heard a little rumour that garbanzo flour was the new besan flour so we were really really hoping Gwynnie could clarify that, but unfortunately she's instead focused on upside down exercising being the new right way up exercising. That's right - floors are dead to Paltrow (unless they're tiled with Tibet Mosaico in oxblood of course!!!). From now on we must all hang like a slab of alien horse in an organic butcher's window. Oh Gwynnie, we simply cannot wait.

Goopy Gooped away, writing:

"We spent an afternoon in Richard Holroyd’s intimate studio that houses four AntiGravity Hammocks – basically a hammock made of silk that you can lie, hang, stretch in and more.

"At first, we just got used to being in the swing – part of what makes it so special is the sense of suspension.

"Then Richard showed us several moves with the hammock. In comparison to other yoga classes, the moves felt constructive without feeling like a chore."

Oi, Paltrow - what's in the box? Please say it's an AntiGravity Hammock. Oh...


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