Does Gwen Stefani Trash Husband on New No Doubt Album?


X17 has a post up that says they talked to a source who says that in No Doubt's new album, there are lots of songs that trash Gavin Rossdale and make him out to be a big jerk. It goes on to say that Gwen & Gavin are really not the great couple everyone thinks they are. See, I don't know about that. I think they are pretty happy. Oh, sure, she has to always look like Marilyn, and there is the whole did he or did he not sleep with Courtney Love. Oh, and there was the whole "guess what, honey, I have a teenager I didn't tell you about" moment.

But, aside from all that, I think it seems pretty good. In fact, Gavin is apparently aware of all the songs and just asked her not to include any more songs that bash him. The source for X17 also says that Gwen wants to have another baby with Gavin. Huh? One minute you are saying they hate each other, and the next, it is a baby for the couple?

I say that if the story is true, that Gwen was getting out some tension and that is how she deals with her issues.


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