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Video: Axl Rose, Guns N’ Roses Walk Off Dublin Stage

After Guns N’ Roses showed up late to their gig in Dublin last night, fans became irritated and angry, throwing bottles onstage as Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses finally came out to open with “Welcome to the Jungle.”

For this venue it was the perfect song to open with.

We have heard that Guns N’ Roses was somewhere around 60 minutes late for the Dublin, Ireland gig, which was set to start at 9:15pm. The opening act was long gone, and fans were anxious to see the band they paid for.

When Axl and “Guns N’ Roses 2.0″ came out to perform, Axl warned the crowd that they would leave if people didn’t stop throwing things.

On the video of the Dublin concert (above), Axl can be heard saying: “Alright, here’s the deal: one more bottle, we go home. It’s up to you. We would like to stay. Do you want us to stay? We want to stay. We want to have some fun. If you don’t want to have fun all you’ve got to do is let us know. We’ve got no problem. . . and we’ll go on our way.”

Guns N’ Roses got through only a few songs before walking offstage. Axl can be heard saying, “Have a good evening.” The crowd’s disgust can be heard in the background.

A female employee of the venue then went onstage and tried to calm the crowd down, telling them they were having “technical difficulties”. The crowd booed. They knew what the real problem was. Axl was being a d***.

Another Dublin 02 employee is heard begging the crowd: “We’re trying hard to get Axl to come back on stage. I would ask you please to refrain from throwing items at him.”

From what I’ve heard, many fans ended up leaving the 02 venue as it wasn’t until another hour had passed before Axl and his Guns N’ Roses band came back out onstage. Many Dublin fans have asked for refunds and many, many vow to never support the band again.

I don’t blame the Dublin fans for being angry. It’s a bunch of crap. Axl needs to get over himself and quit playing the diva. No wonder the original Guns N’ Roses band won’t play with his cranky old ass.


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