Gruesome Home Halloween Display Causes Controversy (Video)


A man's graphic Halloween display outside his Pittsburgh house is scaring and offending some parents, but not kids.

Joe Dauria's Halloween decorations include beheaded and bloodied plastic baby dolls, and an Easter Rabbit with blood spatter.

An offended neighbor called Channel 11 News and asked them to investigate (video below).

“It's fun," Dauria told Channel 11 News. "It’s just done in the spirit of Halloween. It’s not meant to offend anybody. It’s done to make people laugh and give them something to look at.”

"Most of the neighborhood kids look forward to it," added Dauria. "It's just fun for me to do."

According to the Daily Mail, Dauria has been doing his Halloween decorations for 20 years, which brings around 200 kids from the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

"When the little tiny ones come up, we don't go out of our way to scare them," said Dauria. "My wife will go up and meet them."

Per Pittsburgh law, the Halloween decorations are legal as long as they aren't displayed more than 90 days.

Sources: Channel 11 News, Daily Mail


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